Feb 25 2019

Digital Iron loss tester Model DW22

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  • 25 February 2019

Digital Iron loss tester Dw22 is single sheet core loss tester which is useful to measure watt loss of electrical steel sheet CRGO, CRNO material and suitable for testing EI lamination, Motor Stamping, Fan motor stamping etc. 

Digital Iron loss tester DW-22 is provided with a stroboscopic probe when placed on specimen, closes the magnetic path between probe and specimen. Probe has two coils primary and  secondary (like transformer). When power applied to primary coil and detected by secondary coil appropriate to specimen data and measure voltage, current and power. Then measured data calculated by micro-controller appropriate to specimen's data (core area and weight) gives result as watt/kg

Digital Iron loss tester DW-22 frequently used to measure the properties of both fully processed and semi-processed non-oriented and magnetic lamination steel sheet. It may also be used to evaluate oriented electrical steels in either they are sheared or stress-relief annealed condition.

We have invented & developed singe sheet test method in year 1995. Digital Iron loss tester Dw22 is fourth generation equipment with most advanced technology and having precision measuring circuit.  Moreover it comes with option to connect two size of probes. Small probe comes with equipment as standard. And big probe is optional, to achieve better accuracy in big size sample testing. As each probe requires individual calibration with meter so it is necessary to decide for one probe or two probe option at the time of order. 


  • Crystal Accurate inbuilt sine wave generator
  • Testing at 50Hz & 60Hz 
  • Better accuracy than ever
  • 24Mhz MSP-430 micro controller base design
  • Pure sinusoidal source and measure
  • Long terms stability and accuracy maintain
  • Password protected calibration
  • Separate Rotary Knob for Thickness & Tesla
  • Graphic LCD display 128 x 64 pixel
  • Direct readings of W/Kg upto 25 Watt per Kg
  • Connector type low loss probe
  • Standard & big size of specimen possible to test
  • User-friendly operation & portable size
  • Automatic Probe and Sample detection
  • option available Big size probe for high accuracy
  • Auto detected small and Big probe when no sample

Weight & Dimension

  • Dimension of Main Unit    =  H 82mm, L 228 mm, W 250 mm Approx.
  • Dimension of Big Probe =  H 66mm, L 102 mm, W 44mm
  • Core Size of Big Probe =  60x20 mm
  • Dimension of Small  Probe =  H 66mm, L 82 mm, W 37mm
  • Core Size of Small Probe =  44x14 mm
  • Weight of Main Unit =  5.0 Kg. Approx.
  • Weight of Probe =  0.320 kg Approx.
  • Dimension of final carton  =  H 500mm, L 400mm, W 210mm Aprox
  • Weight of final carton =  6.5 Kg. Approx.

Technical Specification

  • Universal Auxiliary Supply =  AC 110 V @ 60Hz or 230 V @ 50Hz  [10 VA ± 20%]
  • Source Capacity =  1.8 Tesla @ 0.5 mm thickness
  • Test Frequency Range     =  50Hz & 60Hz
  • Magnetic Flux Density Range     =  1.0 to 1.8 Tesla ( Weber per square meter )
  • Standard Specimen Size =  30x305mm 
  • Minimum Specimen Size =  44x14 mm (Small Probe),   60x20 mm (Big Probe)
  • Specimen Thickness Range =  0.18 to 0.65 mm for best accuracy
  • Type of Specimen =  CRGO, CRNO, HR And Electrical Steel Sheet