Dec 17 2018

Digital Star Delta Panel

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  • 17 December 2018

Digital Star Delta Panel Pump Pro is an intelligent pump controller offers totally versatile display functions and automation as well as offer all standard protections to the pump. Pump pro is having 3 CT which measure all 3 phase current of the pump that prevents pump from current unbalance.

Digital Star Delta panel Pump pro is equipped with inbuilt memory and it has more advanced cloud based monitoring system. Which user can check and operate panel from anywhere in the world.Pumpro duplex pump controller are available for any application like, Hydro booster system, dewatering system, Multi tank system and many more custom applications.

Digital Star Delta panel Pump pro is having inbuilt memory of total pump running hours, last operation running time and last 20 faults due to pump is tripped. so later we can check it and do the analysis of site faults and take preventive actions.

Pump Operation control

1. Auto / Manual

2. Time Based ON/OFF
3. Real Time ON/OFF (optional)
4. Multi Tank Level Operation by using ball valve & pressure switch
5. Pump on/off controlled by Pressure Switch
6. Pump on/off controlled by Float Switch


  • Graphics display 
  • Inbuilt memory
  • Bypass facility
  • Digital setting of pump parameters
  • Digitally reset function
  • password protected pump setting
  • Auto/Manual selection

Optional Features

1. Pump Moisture Protection.
2. Pump Over Heat Protection
3. Low PF Protection
4. Earth Fault Protection.
5. Display of Power Parameters – KW / KWH , HZ / PF
6. Modbus Interfacing
7. MCB for main line on/off

8. IP54 & Flame proof enclosure available