Digital Epstein Tester

digital epstein tester

Epstein Tester

Epstein tester Introduction

Digital Epstein Tester EP-400 is designed to measure AC magnetic properties of flat rolled magnetic materials at high frequency by using Watt-meter, Ammeter, Voltmeter and Source. Epstein bridge test method is a fundamental method for evaluating the magnetic performance of flat-rolled magnetic materials in either sheared or stress relief annealed condition. This test method is suitable for design, specification acceptance, service evaluation, and research and development.

Digital Epstein Tester overview

Digital Epstein Tester EP-400 has digital controlled crystal accurate 16 Bit sine wave Generator, which provides 35 Hz to 200 Hz harmonics free non distorted power for testing of specimen. It has in built measuring meter, like Flux Voltmeter, RMS Voltmeter, RMS Ammeter, Peak Ammeter, Watt-meter and Power Factor meter with digital sampling method. These measuring devices are (temper proof) precisely calibrated to achieve high accuracy and long term stability.  Accuracy and stability of EP-400 is better than specified in national and international standards.  (Reference to  ASTM: 343, IEC: 60404-2, BIS: 649)

Digital Epstein Tester test method

User have to just click on “START” after feeding all input parameter. Digital Epstein Tester EP-400 starts taking result for selected test points automatically. For testing at each test point,  frequency, flux volt & induction automatically set using digital sampling method by micro controller. After competition of testing, software generates report in pdf.

“Gopal Magnetic Tester” is advanced software provided with Digital Epstein Tester EP-400 for fully automatic testing. User can test a specimen with eleven different Inductions and generate complete report within fifteen minutes. Test report provides hysteresis curve, B/W, B/VA, B/Hrms, B/Hpeak, B/Ac permeability, B/peak permeability etc.. at possible points to analyze magnetic property.

USER FRIENDLY operation and multiple use of Digital Epstein Tester EP- 400, make it world leader of magnetic measurement. It has four operation modes one is standard 25 cm Bridge mode which can be operate by hardware and software both. Other three are User mode, Transformer mode and toroid mode which can only operate by hardware. USER MODE is provided as complimentary function for R&D purpose of user.

For example user wants to test small transformer, EI core, Torrid Core, Ring type core, and any different shape of core, then user mode provide facility to set source and set required Voltage and Frequency w i t h i n I n s t r um e n t s p e c i f i c a t i o n s , a n d simultaneously displays Flux Volt, RMS Volt, RMS Amp, Peak Amp, Watt and Power Factor so user can analyses by self, what is Iron Loss, AT/m, Magnetizing force and permeability. Normally this type of operation required technical person, to calculate various parameters, like core area effective weight, Flux Volt, Watt per kg etc.

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