Discover efficient motor control with our 3 Phase DOL Starter. It ensures smooth operation and protection for your three-phase motors.


Introducing 3 Phase DOL Starter:

The 3 Phase DOL (Direct Online) Starter is a widely used  for controlling and protecting three-phase motors. It provides a simple and effective method for starting motors by directly connecting them to the power supply. This starter eliminates the need for complex control circuits and offers straightforward operation. With built-in overload protection, it safeguards motors from damage due to excessive current. The 3 Phase DOL Starter is essential for ensuring smooth and efficient motor operation in various applications.

Key Features :

Direct Motor Connection: Enables direct connection of three-phase motors to the power supply for simple and immediate starting.

Overload Protection: Incorporates built-in overload protection mechanisms to safeguard motors from damage caused by excessive current.

Compact Design: Offers a compact and space-saving design suitable for various industrial environments and installations.

Ease of Installation: Provides easy installation and setup, requiring minimal additional control circuitry.

Reliability: Ensures reliable performance in starting and stopping three-phase motors consistently and efficiently.

Durability: Constructed with robust materials to withstand the rigors of industrial usage and maintain longevity.

Suitability for Various Applications: Versatile enough to be used in a wide range of industrial applications where three-phase motors are employed.

Cost-Effective Solution: Offers a cost-effective solution for motor control, minimizing the need for additional components and complex control systems.

Maintenance-Friendly: Requires minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and associated costs.

Compliance: Meets relevant safety standards and regulations to ensure safe operation in industrial environments.

Benefits of 3 phase dOL starter :

Simplicity: It offers a straightforward and easy-to-understand method for starting three-phase motors, requiring minimal additional control circuitry.

Efficiency: Provides immediate full voltage to the motor, enabling quick start-up and efficient operation.

Space-Saving: Its compact design saves space in electrical panels and control cabinets, making it suitable for installations where space is limited.

Safety: Incorporates overload protection to prevent motor damage and ensure safe operation in compliance with relevant safety standards and regulations.

Compatibility: Compatible with various types and sizes of three-phase motors, offering flexibility in motor selection for different applications.

It can be used for

  1. Single pressure booster system
  2. Tank to tank water transfer application
  3. Dewatering system for basement

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  • Inbuilt LLC

    Starter comes with inbuilt water level controller. you can connect SS sensor, float switch or pressure switch

  • Inbuilt Timer

    There are two inbuilt cyclic timer as on timer & off timer. to automatic on/off pump

  • Advanced Protection

    MPD controller provides all required protection to pump like high & low voltage, over load, dry run protection

Function & feature of 3 phase DOL starter


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