Mar 26 2020

Automatic Change over

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  • 26 March 2020

Automatic Change over ACCL is basically used as automatic changeover for Mains supply & DG set supply. You can use for any other application where you need automatic changeover.

Automatic Change over ACCL is fully automatic, high precision system installed in appartments, residencial complex, and commercial buildings. It is having following function & features


• Automatic Change over  ACCL is having two inputs and common output, allows uninterrupted supply for common output. If both Mains & DG supplies are available Mains is given preference 
• When Mains fails, Load automatically transfer to DG & being monitored
• While on DG, if the load current exceed a pre set current limit, the output trips.Other consumers who are within limited load enjoys uninterrupted DG supply. • After 8/10/12 second the load reconnected and monitored again. If current drawn has been reduced by switching off unnecessary heavy appliances, supply continuous, else trips again 


  • Microcontroller based design for superior performance
  • No separate wiring required for DG output
  • Available in single phase & Three phase upto 125Amp capacity
  • DG Metering (Class 1.0) model available with RS485 connectivity
  • Assured availability of allocated current (no more - no less)
  • Din channel mountable
  • LED indication
  • Best in class design and asthetics
  • Fire- retardant poly carbonate body for increased safety
  • Simple operation with clear indication (Fit it- forget it)

Some of our prestigious Customer

  • Indian Railways
  • Brigade Group
  • Prestige Group
  • Alcove Group
  • Ashiana Group
  • Adani Group