Su-vastika’s UPS provides power backup to your home, office, or commercial establishment without interruption or blackout, keeping you always comfortable and connected. The Su-vastika’s UPS range is available in various power configurations to meet power backup needs according to your load requirement. Every UPS goes through strict quality control, i.e., Automated Testing Zig & comes with robust after-sales support and warranty (one of a kind replacement warranty of 24 Months). Su-vastika’s UPS allows us to live an unlimited energy lifestyle.

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We know how important power is for living in today’s world and how to deliver it just right. Su-vastika’s UPS provides power backup to your home, office, or commercial establishment without interruption or blackout, keeping you always comfortable and connected. The Su-vastika’s UPS range is available in various power configurations to meet power backup needs according to your load requirement. Every UPS goes through strict quality control, i.e., Automated Testing Zig & comes with robust after-sales support and warranty (one of a kind replacement warranty of 24 Months). Su-vastika’s UPS allows us to live an unlimited energy lifestyle.

1. Pure Sine Wave Technology

Many inverters still provide a square wave output which is not healthy for your appliances. Su-vastika’s UPS is designed to provide a smooth, continuous sine-wave power output to your appliances just as they require it.

2. Smart AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation)

In developing countries, frequent voltage and frequency fluctuations in households are common occurrences. The moment voltage supply goes down below a certain level, we observe the speed of fans going slow, the blub light dimming, or the tube light blinking frequently. This is called a Low Voltage supply. Also, there are occasions when the voltage jumps high. We all may have observed that as we switch the bulb on, it goes off and gets fused as it cannot withstand a High Voltage spike.

With Smart Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) feature or when your mains supply voltage fluctuates (rises or drops beyond the Safe Voltage range), Our UPS seamlessly switches to the battery power, ensuring a safe power supply to all your appliances.

3. Fast Switching- Intelligently changing between mains and backup

Traditional inverters have higher switching time. This means your appliances will reset during changeover between mains to backup but Su-vastika’s UPS is blazingly fast. It automatically detects a power-cut or voltage fluctuation and switches to its backup mode in milliseconds. So you and your appliances won’t even get to know there was a power-cut. This means your computer, Wi-Fi, and other critical equipment can run uninterrupted without resetting.

Because who likes to stop?

4. Bi-Directional Technology

Su-vastika’s UPS works on the Revolutionary Bi-directional technology. A bi-directional technology is a technology that allows for two-way charging due to its ability of two-way conversion—from AC to DC and from DC to AC.A bi-directional technology uses the same PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) based, MOSFET (metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor) circuit to charge and discharge the battery.

5. Optimise Battery Life

The battery sits at the heart of your inverter’s power back-up functionality. Charging and Dis-charging cycles define life of a battery, and making both these processes efficient is crucial. Su-vastika’s UPS is built to keep your battery healthy. It is designed for efficient charging and discharging, hence keeping the battery running for longer with reduced upkeep efforts and costs.

6. Powerful charging at voltage as low as 110V

Typically, batteries require a 130V input to charge itself, but this is not available across the world at every time. Regions with frequent outages and low grid voltages may result in poor or no charging. In such cases, people resort to using stabilizers to get optimum voltage for charging. To ease this, Our UPS is equipped with Advanced Circuitry that charges the battery with as low as 110V input.

7. Battery Selection Switch (Compatible with Tubular/SMF/Lithium Ion)

Su-vastika Inverters have a Battery Selection switch at back panel through which user can select type of battery viz Tubular/ SMF/ Lithium ion, as per his need and preference with the same unit.

8. Advanced Charging Technology

Charging section is one of the most important part of our ups. To understand the charging time one has to understand the capacity of charger which has been designed by us so that it charges the battery in the defined period. There are multiple type of Batteries available in the market which has the advantages and disadvantages and accordingly we charge them based on their characteristics. For example if we have to charge a Tubular Lead Acid battery than we have to take the minimum time of 10 hours before we completely charge it. If we try to charge faster than these Batteries will be short lived and need frequent water topping. If we have to charge the Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries which are called sealed Maintenance Free batteries they need to be charged in 6 to 8 hours and if we try to charge them faster than that their life is also reduced. In case of Lithium Batteries we can charge them in 2 to 4 hours and they have a life cycle nearly 5 times than that of Lead Acid Batteries. It’s very important how the charger of a UPS is designed to take care of the battery as the life of the battery will majorly dependent on the charger technology. Our UPS has the charging capacity of 15 Amp which can charge the 150 Ah battery in 10 hours .So the size of the charger is very important to check before buying any UPS. The next parameter is how the charging is done is it flat charging or it’s done in stages. In Lead Acid battery charging has to be fast till the 80 percent of the charge but rest 20 percent need little slow charging because the water is hot inside the battery when we are charging it so we need to follow a pattern by which we reduce the heating when we are charging it so that water doesn’t evaporate and the more we control the heating inside the battery life of the battery is increased.

9. Innovative Three Stage Charging


Charging current is fed to battery bank. Battery voltage level will be increased as battery get charge. Battery Charges in this stage till its voltage level reached to bulk setting level.


In this stage battery voltage held at bulk setting level for a cumulative period of one hour. Charging current reduces as battery charged to its capacity.


In this stage battery voltage held at float setting level and charging current further reduced. Full current can be provided to loads connected to battery, during float stage from the grid.


When battery voltage drops below the float setting for a cumulative period of one hour, a new bulk cycle will be triggered. This typically occurs each night. This three stage charging process results in faster and safe recharging of battery bank without getting it over.

10. Safe Voltage Range (Brain with a Muscle)

Suppose there is a sudden high voltage spike. Now your home’s MCB might not be able to protect your appliances, but our UPS will. It will rapidly switch from the mains to the battery. In fact, Our UPS can take up to 2.5x its load capacity, supporting your entire load during that high voltage spike. It then intelligently reminds you to turn off the extra appliances, so that the load can be reduced.

11. Built in Isolation Transformer

Our UPS have Built-in Isolation Transformer. Isolation also referred to as galvanic isolation, implies that no direct path exists for the current to flow from the source to the load. An isolation transformer provides isolation between the electrical devices and the source powering these devices. In other words, with an isolation transformer, the output power circuit is electrically and physically isolated from the input power circuit. As a result, the isolation transformer provides safety to the users and the appliances by preventing the current to pass to the body of the product, hence making it very safe.

12. Advanced Protection with MCB

A safe voltage range is important to keep appliances safe during high voltage spikes. The Short circuits are very common. Therefore every household is equipped with an MCB or main fuse. However, these can be slow and inefficient at protecting your appliances from damage. We know how much you love your appliances. Therefore, we have designed Our UPS to add a smart layer of protection to them. It has an inbuilt Special MCB, which trips and protects all your appliances even before the traditional MCB can respond.

13. Automatic Bypass

Now, what if your UPS has a technical error, and is unable to switch your load back to the main supply? And imagine this happens in the middle of a summer night, and an electrician can only come the next morning. Intolerable, right? This is common with almost every UPS or Inverter but not in the Su-vastika’s UPS because it has a feature of ‘Automatic bypass system’ which bypasses the Mains supply even when the UPS is faulty.

14. Overload & Short circuit Feature

We have given a special overload feature in which when the ups once get overloaded will give 8 times retry before it shuts down. This feature is very important for the customer as when the costumer put extra load which cannot be supported by the ups then it switch off immediately and keep giving warning. Then customer has to reduce the load and go to the ups and reset the front switch which is very uncomfortable for the costumer because at times the whole house gets into darkness and for the costumer to switch off the load and reaches to the ups is tough as it laying in one corner of the house or office. So we have given a special feature in our ups, in case of overload our ups gives you 8 times switching on and off load, in that timing costumer can reduce the load and there is no sudden darkness in the house/office. Just like overload retries our UPS has a feature of short circuit retries as well. In this feature whenever there is a short circuit our UPS will shut down automatically and start again. In this process our UPS will check whether the condition of short circuit has been eliminated or not if the short circuit has been eliminated the UPS will start working normally and if condition of short circuit continues then our UPS will retry 4 times before permanently shut down. In order to make it operational again, one needs to reset the front switch of UPS.

15. Soft Start (Gentle to your appliances)

A great beginning makes way for a great journey. Our UPS knows this very well. Unlike traditional inverters that allow a sudden inrush of current which can be harmful to your appliances, Su-vastika’s UPS goes for a cushioned start-up. It gradually increases the voltage to let your appliances ease-in. This prevents electrical and mechanical shocks to the sensitive and costly appliances in your house.

16. Safe Discharge

With prolonged usage, a battery’s life gets reduced. This is what happens to every battery after multiple charge-discharge cycles, even inverter batteries. Nerds call it battery fatigue. Our UPS knows how to beat this problem too. When the battery is being used to power your home and is about to get empty (but not fully empty), Pure Sine Wave UPS places a reserve. This means it doesn’t let the battery get fully or deeply discharged, hence extending the life of the battery.

17. Compatible with Local Generator

Many times when the local grid fails, you need to depend on your Domestic Power Generators. Ordinary inverters are incompatible with such ACs due to their high fluctuations. But Su-vastika’s UPS can normalize and adapt to such fluctuations, making it perfect to pair up with Domestic Generators because our UPS has a frequency bypass range of 42Hz – 55Hz.

18. Compatible with 220V/60Hz as well

Su-vastika UPS are capable to run at 220V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz with minor customisation. We have capacity to supply 110V/50Hz as well for our international partners.

19. Bluetooth and WiFi feature (optional)

Su-vastika UPS have option feature of Bluetooth and WiFi to manage Inverter and Battery settings online through app


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