TRM350 uses inverter powered source which is used to test transformer windings turns ratio with Polarity, Vector Group Selection & Deviation with basic accuracy 0.1%,


TRM350 uses inverter powered source which can eliminates influences of harmonics during measurement. 3 phase output voltage adopted to improve test speed. and the wiring group can from 0-11 can be selected

It has high and low voltage reverse connection protection, transformer turn short circuit protection, tap switch failure protection, output full short circuit protection

After inputting the rated parameter, it can automatically measure the transformer ratio value, error value and on-load tap-changer position. And vector group can be selected before the test.


•Measures Ratio, Polarity, error, and Vector group selection

•7 inch Touch Screen Display

•Built in inverter powered 3 phase source

•USB Port + Rs232 for communication

•Fully Automatic Testing by pressing single

•Performs fast & accurate test

•Built in thermal printer

•Detects on-load tap changer position and indicate current position


Measures Ratio, Polarity, Vector group & Deviation


•Power Supply
•Measuring Range
•Output Voltage
•Operating Temp.
•Humidity Range
•1220V ± 10% @ 50Hz
•0.9 to 10000
•0.1% (0.8-500), 0.2% (501-2000), 0.5% (2001-10000)
•Automatically adjust according to load
•0.0001, Angle – 0.01°
•360*290*170 (mm)
•-10°C to 40°C
•10% to 85%
•7″ Touch Screen
•Built in Thermal Printer
•USB + Rs232

Standard Accessories

1. Mains cord                   =1
2. Ground Lead               =1
3. Printer paper               =1
4. Extra Fuse                   =2
5. Black Test Lead          =1
6. Red Test Lead             =1
7. Serial port wire           =1
8. Cary Case                     =1


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