Twin pump system with bms connectivity

Twin pump system with bms connectivity can be monitored centrally in building management system. Our any pump pro pump controller can be connect to BMS with additional BMS option. It is modbus RTU protocol using RS485

BMS connectivity output

  1. Voltage RY,YB,BR
  2. Current R, Y, B
  3. Recent run hours
  4. Total Run hours
  5. Auto / Manual
  6. Start / Stop Pump
  7. Over current
  8. Dry run current
  9. HP


1. By-Pass Facility
In case of failure on any electronics part which is difficult to resolve on site, User can by-pass whole electronics circuit by toggle switch and the system will operate directly by pressure switch, pressure transmitter, float switch or any other input signal. Not required to run for emergency service call.

2. Easy detachable control unit / FRC Cable
The controller fitment is done by 4 plastic interlock which is too easy to replace. And all electronics circuit are connected by FRC cable for easy service and replacement

3. Graphical display
3.5 inch Graphics display made this controller more advance & versatile. It shows pump as running, tank water level & pressure switch indication. Display of fault is clearly readable.

4. Inbuilt Memory
All system come with standard 20 fault memory, total pump accumulative running time & last operation pump running hours. It helps in analysis of pump failure.

5. Inbuilt buzzer for fault alarm
In case of any tripping, faulty pump will be shut-off, and system will operate by only working pump. After repairing the pump user can reset in the system


1. Auto / Manual
2. Time Based ON/OFF
3. Real Time ON/OFF (optional)
4. Multi Tank Level Operation by using ball valve & pressure switch
5. Pump on/off controlled by Pressure Switch
6. Pump on/off controlled by Float Switch

Pump Protection

1. Over Current (Over Load) Protection
2. Over Voltage Protection
3. Under Voltage Protection
4. Phase Reversal Protection
5. Phase Loss Protection
6. Phase Unbalance Protection
7. Pump Dry Run Protection
8. Pump Stalled / Short Circuit Protection.
9. Password protection

Display Function

1. Graphical LCD Displaying Pump running status & water level indication of sump tank
2. Display of all Three phase voltage & current continuously
3. Pump running graphics
4. Pressure level status – pressure high / low
5. Display of last twenty faults
6. Pump last run time display
7. Selection of Auto / Manual mode
8. Total Pump Accumulative Running Time Display

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