Lift & Escalator emergency rescue device (ERD)  provides emergency power to the elevators with a 3-phase power supply when the input power source or mains power fails. An ERD is advanced version and conventional ARD system. ERD provides instantaneous power when mains fail. Passenger does not feel power failure when using ERD and lift works on battery power.

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World Class Power Storage Solution to solve the lifts power failure problem.

Now a days people experience power failures in the lift invariably and that is horrifying most of the time. The scenario is like when the power fails there is sudden big jerk you get and the lights are switched off and the lift is stopped and the heart pounds heavily as the elevator is moving up or down so the oxygen level is changing in the heart and suddenly lift stops and there is a heart get sinking feeling, on top of that lights are turned off and darkness in the lift for next 30 seconds is a big vacuum where you don’t know whether you will be able to see the life again. Then suddenly lights are switched on and the lift come to the next floor with lot of noise and the door opens. Now the generator starts and lift operates and it straight away take you to the basement and start afresh journey which takes next 10 minutes or more time of your life as it gets reset and has to start from the beginning. This is because the existing technology of ARD which is called Automatic Rescue Device which only starts when the lift is stopped and it activates after 30 seconds to 1 minute and can only take you to the next floor and opens it. After which the generator kicks in and the reset process follows

Why ERD is better than ARD?

Lift operates smoothly on battery power. With ERD the switching time is almost zero so the lifts do not stop on any occasion and the generators are not required. Whenever the power goes the lifts work smoothly without any jerks and that keeps the lift electronics and electrical systems running without any breaks.

Since there is no break in the power, the smooth functioning removes the chances of lift failures.

The power quality supplied by the ERD is better than the power supplied by the Electricity companies as it is a pure sine wave power and the frequency is exactly 50Hz. The voltage supplied has high stability compared to the utility supplier.

The power quality supplied by the generator cannot be compared to the ERD as it has a very stable and clean power as it is only catering to the lift load only.

No Generator or existing ARD system can provide smooth operation of elevators like an ERD during the critical period of a power failure saving lives of people in an economical and environmentally-friendly fashion.


ERD is Solar Enabled

ERD is a green & clean technology which can make it solar enabled system by adding a charge controller and solar panels, which can charge the ERD power bank through solar energy. We have developed a technology where solar can be added at any stage.

The extra electronic board of charge controller is inserted and that talks to the controller board of the ERD and these two work in a synchronized manner. As when solar is available the battery charging is happening through solar or if solar is less than the charging is happening through the sharing of solar and grid both. But the priority is always through the solar. When the batteries are charged and solar is available then the system switch off the mains and works on the solar and battery power to save the power bill completely. Since the battery is charged through the solar the battery life increases to 20 to 40 percent. Also, in this case, the generator may not be required at all because solar power takes care of a long backup time as well.

Electronic Control Unit

ECU as the name is Electronic Control Unit which is installed inside the lift which gives indication to the people traveling in the lift that lift is working on the Mains power or on the ERD power. Since there is no feeling comes to the passenger travelling in the lift of power outage so it’s important to give the idea to the passenger that lift is working on the emergency backup. So, this ECU has the announcement facility as well so there is a memory card inside the ECU which can be used as a recorder to record the announcement messages in different languages and that can be programmed on the site itself. In case of battery getting low or completely discharged it give the indication along with the announcements to the passenger travelling in the lift. It will save the space as well as cost and maintenance.

Central ERD System

We have designed 50 KVA to 500 KVA ERD system which can run 4 to 20 lifts together of different capacities and can be placed in a ground position in the Area which can save the costing, space and maintenance cost. This central unit can be used as a back- up for common lights of the building as well. Since there are no switching time so common areas lights will also keep functioning without any flicker along with the continuous operation of lifts in case of power failure. We have already completed a project of Chintels Paradiso where we have operated 18 lifts with one central ERD system.

We have specially designed two ERD’s of 150 KVA & 200 KVA to run the 18 lifts of the capacity of 11.5 KV along with the 20 motors which are working in the complex situation for various other applications.

These ERD’s have no switching time so the motors & other load connected to it has no inrush current requirements & every load is working without any switching time so people can’t feel any break in services.

These ERD’s can also be designed as per the customer specifications and requirements like common lighting loads, motors or any other common loads required by the cluster of building whether commercial or residential as per the requirement of the individual customer.

ERD is compatible with all top elevator manufacturing companies in India


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