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Initiative Features of Pump Controller

Intelligent Pump Controllers :

We are supplier of totally new generation pump controllers which offers all standard protection for pump, Inbuilt memory of pump running hours and memory of pump faults. It offers BMS integration and cloud based monitoring as well.

  • Hydro pneumatic pressure booster system
  • Pressure transmitter based multi tank system
  • VFD based HYPN system
  • Controller for dewatering / Mud pumps
Our Services

Our Services

we provide service in wide range of digital platforms like PHP, core php, wordpress, drupal, joomla, mongodb, CMS, java fx, java swing etc. As well we provide calibration services for electrical parameters.

Web Development

We provide service in wide range of platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, php, cake php, java etc.

Desktop Application

We develop software for industry, defence, medical, commercial store etc for database management and hardware interfacing.

Android Application

Covering the entire spectrum on the android platform, we can develop Android apps for Smartphones, Tablets, Android Wear and Android TV.

Calibration Service

We are having in house calibration facility to calibrate Voltage, current, Power, Power factor and many more electrical parameter with 0.05% accuracy level

Our Products Range...

  • By admin
  • Feb 24 2019

3 Phase Digital Power Analyzer Model : PA700TFT

PA700TFT series Power Analyzer has given revolution in testing of distribution and power transformer with the advanced feature of hysteresis (B/H) analysis. Core loss & winding loss measurement is important in transformer testing.

  • By admin
  • Apr 28 2019

Digital Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

Gopal Electronics Make Single Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Meter (JB-36) has designed to be a rugged and reliable automatic transformer Ratio-meter. This system has a high degree of accuracy and will test ratios to 200:1. The design of this test system is based upon patented technology invented in-house measurement on magnetic property.


  • By admin
  • Dec 17 2018

Duplex / Triplex Pump intelligent cascading system

Pump pro Multipump system is available for any application like, Hydro booster system, dewatering system, Multi tank system and many more custom applications. It is having all standard pump protections and display functions.

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