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All new generation intelligent pump controller allows advanced protection to motor and give enhanced automation based on time and input signal.

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Initiative Features of Pump Controller

Intelligent Pump Controllers :

We are Manufacturer and supplier of totally new generation pump controllers which offers all standard protection for pump, Inbuilt memory of pump running hours and memory of pump faults. It offers RS232 or USB communication

  • Hydro pneumatic pressure booster system
  • Pressure transmitter based multi tank system
  • VFD based HYPN system
  • Controller for dewatering / Mud pumps
Intelligent Pump Controllers

Our Products Range...

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  • Oct 28 2020

Intelligent Pump Controller

LT series Intelligent Pump Controller is designed with a vision to  make installation quick and easy with minimized efforts. Power supply of controller has been designed to withstand wide band of voltage  .snoitautcuWith single key touch user can set pump over current & under current and with single key user can reset pump in case of tripped.

Individual key provided to put pump in working or standby .noitarugnoc And separate key for Auto & Manual selection make it most easy to install and post installation use.

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  • May 19 2021

Twin pump system

We are manufacturer and developer of twin pump controller, duplex pump controller and multi pump cascading controller. Twin Pump system works as master & slave for two pump typically used for hydro booster system.

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  • Feb 24 2019

3 Phase Power Analyzer Model PA700TFT

We are manufacturer and exporter of 3 phase power analyzer. PA700TFT series Power Analyzer has given revolution in testing of distribution and power transformer with the advanced feature of hysteresis (B/H) analysis. Core loss & winding loss measurement is important in transformer testing.

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