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We are pioneer in providing Electronics testing, measuring and automation Products

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Pressure booster system

We provides most advanced intelligent pump controllers for hydro pneumatic pressure booster system, dewatering application, water transfer application and multi tower inline pressure booster...
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Transformer Industry

We provides 3 phase power analyzer to test open circuit & short circuit test of transformer. And Provides other equipment like transformer turns ratio...
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Electrical stamping & Lamination

We provides single sheet iron loss tester to evaluate and get tentative idea about the quality of CRGO / CRNO EI lamination and motor...

Motor Industry

We provides Power Analyzer to test motor efficiency and its electrical parameters like voltage, current, power, PF & frequency. We also provide complete motor...
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Energy Audit

We provides state of art hand held power quality analyzer which is capable to capture, record and give alarm for swell & slag and...
Steel 5
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Steel Industry

We provides complete magnetic measurement solution for electrical steel sheet testing including Epstein Tester, Single sheet Tester SST500x500, Franklin tester to measure insulation resistivity


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We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.