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how to calculate inverter capacity?

Calculating the inverter capacity required for a particular application involves the following steps: Determine the total power consumption of the appliances or equipment that you want to run on the inverter. This can be done by adding up the power ratings (in watts) of each device. Decide how many of…
twin pump panel

What is pressure booster system?

A pressure booster system is a device or a set of devices that are used to increase the pressure of a fluid, typically water, in a plumbing or irrigation system. In buildings where water pressure from the main supply is insufficient to meet the demands of the occupants, a pressure…
twin booster panel

pressure pump panel manufacturer

Manufacturer of pressure pump panel in india We are manufacturer of pressure pump panel, dewatering pump panel, water transfer pump panel and many more control panels for multiple pump control.LT series intelligent pump controller is designed with a vision to achieve zero complain ratio and installation to be quick &…
twin booster panel

twin pump system

Twin Pump system Twin booster panel Twin pump system LT series intelligent pump controller is designed with a vision to achieve zero complain ratio and installation to be quick & easy. Power supply of controller has been designed to withstand voltage fluctuations. LT Series controller is suitable for universal application…
3 phase power analyzer

3 Phase Power Analyzer

3 phase power analyzer 3 phase power analyzer Three Phase Power Analyzer PA700TFT is multi-range power Analyzer with basic 0.05% R+R accuracy. 8 range of voltage, 8 range of current and total 64 range of power and power factor gives more accurate result at low power factor. It has waveform mode to check the…

franklin tester

Franklin Tester SIR surface insulation resistivity Franklin Tester Model FT-2 is designed as per IS:649 & ASTM:717 Standard to measure insulation resistivity of electrical steel sheet. It requires precision & noise free DC regulated power supply and equally distributed pressure on electrode. Franklin Tester FT-2 regulated power supply provides 0.5000V with 0.1%…
digital epstein tester

Digital Epstein Tester

Epstein Tester Epstein tester Introduction Digital Epstein Tester EP-400 is designed to measure AC magnetic properties of flat rolled magnetic materials at high frequency by using Watt-meter, Ammeter, Voltmeter and Source. Epstein bridge test method is a fundamental method for evaluating the magnetic performance of flat-rolled magnetic materials in either…