How to install pressure booster system

How to install pressure booster system is depend on the site requirement, total flow requirement of the building, customer need and many more factors. You need to select best control panel that protects the pump and meantime provides automation for entire building water supply.
Twin pump control panel can be used for pressure booster system, dewatering system, multi tower system and tank to tank water transfer application

Panel can control both pump in 1 working and 1 standby or 1 working and 1 assist configuration ensures equal load on both pump and equal wear & tear for both pumps in the system

For, pressure booster system it can be operated by pressure transmitter or by mechanical pressure switch. Generally most of the user use Danfoss make KP35 pressure switch to detect the pressure in line.

Why you need digital panel for pressure booster system?

You must select digital, smart & most intelligent pump controller for your pumping system. As water is 24×7 requirement of building. It is most import to provide complete protection to pump and ensure fail safe operation

  1. Our pump controllers provides advanced pump protection
  2. All trip time is less than 1 second
  3. pressure pump panel comes with inbuilt memory


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