LT series intelligent pump controller is designed with a vision to achieve zero complain ratio and installation to be quick & easy. It useful for hydro pneumatic pressure booster system, dewatering application and tank to tank water transfer application to operate multiple pump

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LT series intelligent pump controller is designed with a vision to achieve zero complain ratio and installation to be quick & easy. Power supply of controller has been designed to withstand voltage fluctuations. LT Series controller is suitable for universal application like Tank to tank water transfer, De watering or pressure booster hydro pneumatic system. Automation can be set by float switch, pressure switch or pressure transmitter.

Individual key provided for each pump to select working or standby configuration. And separate key for Auto & Manual selection make it more easy to operate after installation.

Many more unique features given like inbuilt memory, timers, fault history, reset function, Auto pump parameter setting function. Makes this controller stand out of the conventional similar products in the market.

Key Features

  • Automatic pump parameter settings True RMS Measurement
  • Display Sump tank & Pressure switch High / low status
  • 1 key for Reset all Pumps
  • Withstand voltage fluctuation
  • Pressure Transmitter option
  • Individual key for each pump working / standby selection
  • Inbuilt memory of 20 fault history
  • Inbuilt memory of pump running time
  • 2 cascading logic selectable
  • All trip time < 1second 6nos IO Ports
  • All Standard pump Protection 5 LED Indication
  • Ton/Toff Timers
  • Galvanized Powder coated body Password protected settings


Universal Application

Common Stock for Water transfer / Dewatering / Pressure boosting system

Auto Pump Setting
Give input / output connection and just long press pump key to auto set pump parameter

Power supply & Mother board are unique and most durable design

Easy to operate & install
Useful Main Display & keypad makes it too easy to operate by any person

Build in world class manufacturing setup
In house manufactured mostly robotic process & well experienced man power

Design prospect
designed for worst supply condition, taken care for moisture / harmonics / noise effect

Advanced Protection for motor
For any supply or motor side fault it gives tripping in less than 1 second










Supply415V ± 15%415V ± 15%230V± 15%230V± 15
HP Rating0.5 to 7.5Hp0.5 to 7.5Hp0.5 to 2.5Hp0.5 to 2.5Hp
Duty / AssistSelectableSelectableSelectableSelectable

1 review for duplex pump controller

  1. Samir Darji

    Best Panel for 3 phase twin pump system. Easy installation and complain free product

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