This is fully electrical dual pump control panel with VFD for pressure booster system application for residential and commercial building


Introducing Dual Pump Control Panel for Effortless Pressure Boosting

When it comes to optimizing water pressure in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, the Dual Pump Control Panel emerges as the go-to solution. This fully electrical panel is specially designed for pressure booster applications, ensuring a steady and reliable water supply. What sets it apart? Its remarkable simplicity, making it accessible for anyone to repair and maintain.

Key Features of our Dual Pump Control Panel:

Streamlined Functionality: Our Dual Pump Control Panel excels in its ability to effortlessly manage water pressure. It’s designed for easy installation and operation, minimizing downtime and ensuring a steady flow of water.

User-Friendly Maintenance: Unlike complex systems that require specialized expertise, our fully electrical panel is engineered with simplicity in mind. This means that anyone can perform repairs or routine maintenance tasks without the need for extensive technical skills.

Customizable Solutions: We understand that every application is unique. Our control panel offers flexibility, allowing you to tailor it to your specific pressure boosting needs, whether it’s for a small home or a large industrial facility.

Reliable Performance: With dual pump redundancy, this panel ensures that even in the event of a pump failure, your water supply remains uninterrupted. This reliability minimizes the risk of water shortage and the associated inconveniences.

Efficiency Matters: We recognize the importance of conserving energy. Our Dual Pump Control Panel is designed to help you save on electricity costs, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Experience the ease and efficiency of our Dual Pump Control Panel for all your pressure boosting requirements. We’ve simplified the process, from installation to maintenance, so you can enjoy a reliable water supply without the hassle. For a dependable and user-friendly solution, look no further.

Choose our Dual Pump Control Panel and ensure that your water pressure remains consistent and reliable, all while benefiting from the ease of maintenance that anyone can handle. It’s the ultimate choice for those who demand simplicity without compromising performance.

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  • Touch Screen HMI

    This panel comes with 4inch touch screen HMI. That allows user to set parameter very easily

  • Emergency Bypass

    Pump can be on/off in bypass mode even after failure of entire electronics circuit. To never face water shortage

  • Easily Repairable

    This is fully electrical panel. all component readily available in any part of india

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