dewatering pump control panel is used for dewatering system in multi tower residential building to dewater the basement in case of floor or heavy rain


Dewatering pump control panel

In the realm of water management and pump systems, efficiency, reliability, and pump protection are paramount. That’s where our Dewatering pump control panel takes the stage. Tailored for a diverse range of applications, including pressure booster systems, dewatering operations, and tank-to-tank water transfers, our panel is the epitome of technological innovation in the industry.

Key Features of dewatering pump control panel:

  Versatile Application:

Our Dewatering pump control panel is a versatile solution designed to seamlessly adapt to a variety of water management scenarios. Whether you need to maintain consistent water pressure in your facility, efficiently dewater an area, or facilitate water transfers between tanks, this panel is your trusted pump controller

Pump Protection:

Our intelligent dewatering pump control panel provides comprehensive protection for your valuable pump, ensuring their longevity and dependable performance. It incorporates essential protective measures such as high voltage, low voltage, over-current and under-current detection, phase failure protection, and reverse phase protection. With these safeguards in place, your pumps are shielded from potential power supply threats, minimizing downtime and costly repairs.

Effortless Operation:

Our Dewatering pump control panel boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of operation and configuration. You can effortlessly monitor system status, adjust settings, and access diagnostic information with precision and simplicity.

Smart and Efficient Performance:

Harnessing advanced technology, our panel optimizes pump operation for peak efficiency. It continuously monitors key system parameters, making real-time adjustments to maintain the desired water pressure or flow. This intelligent operation not only conserves energy but also enhances the overall performance of your water management system.

Dewatering pump control panel represents the ultimate solution for your water management needs, offering exceptional versatility, comprehensive pump protection, effortless operation, smart and efficient performance, and unwavering reliability. Whether you’re dealing with pressure booster systems, dewatering projects, or tank-to-tank water transfers, our panel is your dedicated ally in achieving optimal results and peace of mind. Elevate your water management capabilities with our Dewatering pump control panel today.

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  • Graphics Display

    Graphics display in pressure pump control panel is most useful to know the status of water levels & pressure indication and for easy troubleshooting of pressure pump panel

  • Emergency Bypass

    Pump can be on/off in bypass mode even after failure of entire electronics circuit. To never face water shortage

  • Inbuilt Memory

    Our pressure pump panel is able to save total running time of pump and fault history in inbuilt memory

Function & feature of Dewatering pump control panel

Pump Protection

Pump on/off control

Display functions of Dewatering Pump Control Panel


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