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Franklin Tester Model FT-2 is designed as per IS:649 & ASTM:717 Standard to measure insulation resistivity of electrical steel sheet. It is regulated power supply provides 0.5000V with 0.1% accuracy over load and no load.


Franklin Tester Model FT-2 is designed as per IS:649 & ASTM:717 Standard to measure insulation resistivity of electrical steel sheet. It requires precision & noise free DC regulated power supply and equally distributed pressure on electrode. Franklin Tester FT-2 regulated power supply provides 0.5000V with 0.1% accuracy over load and no load. Most of national and international standard has specified only 0.5%, means FT-2 is equipped with five time better accuracy than required.
Franklin Tester FT-2 has spring loaded, ten brass electrodes and two carbide drill bit, mounted over hydraulic flat surface head. The head and electrode are precisely elevated and mounted on 4mm metal structure, that keeps alignment accurately for long time hence no need to align head and electrode periodically. Franklin Tester FT-2 has semi electrical hydraulic system in which two way solenoids switch provided for easy up and down the surface head. Double acting hand operated hydraulic pump provided,  to which gives pressure rise in very less time to speed up the testing.
Franklin Tester FT-2 is micro controller based equipment, so it calculates all required mathematic function and simultaneously displays on character type 20×4 jumbo LCD display, Voltage, current and ohms per CM square. The FT-2 has provided with two separate ohms meter for sample surface side one and two and separate key S1 & S2 given. so just need to press S1 to take result for side1 & s2 to take result of side 2 and then press STOP for final result of both side.
Franklin Tester FT-2 has inbuilt Voltmeter, One multi range Ammeter, Two ohm meter and one added ohm meter for both side total value,  hence user can see all data of all parameter simultaneously on display.


Franklin Tester FT-2 has heavy duty well aligned Electric contact Heads, in which all brass components are made from extruded high quality brass with CNC turning to maintain accuracy of each contact as required. Ten electrodes and two drill spindles are having bush bearing guide, mounted on 27mm insulating block to give millions of tests without fail. The electric head is intensively designed in such a way that user can easily clean the surface of each electrode. Many manufacturers and even all national and international standard recommended twist drill method to puncture the lamination. But in that method drill rotate once half and stop, sometime hard lamination like C2 coating does get properly punctured which impact on result.  
FT-2 provided hand operated twin drill so user can rotate it till puncture the lamination and get proper contact with base metal.  Even though best practice of operation of instrument by operator, human mistake damaged instrument accidentally, 
FT-2 designed such a way that one can easily reassemble or replace any part.


• FT2 is designed as per ASTM717 to measure insulation resistivity of electrical steel sheet.


• Gross Weight with Wooden Box = 150Kg

• Net Weight = 70 to 80Kg

• Dimension = 533 x 482 x 762mm Approximately

• Dimension & Weight are subject to change kindly confirm at the time of order.


Warm up time30 minute
Operating temperature10 °C to 35 °C
Operating humidity20% to 55% RH (non condensation)
Storage temperature (No operating)-20 °C to 40 °C
Power supplyAC 230V Max  (power 100 VA apx)
Power plug socket type220V three pin
Accuracy of voltmeter0.10%
Accuracy of ammeter0.10%
Accuracy of 0.5V DC power supply0.10%
Accuracy of 5Ω resistor connected to each contact road15ppm TCR / value calibrated and processed with measurement this method null the effect of 5 ohms resistance and wiring resistance.
Dimension of two drill tips of electrical contact with base plateCarbide drill bit 4 mm  end point 3 mm
Accuracy Insulation Resistivity0.3% Ω*cm2
Display4 x 20 line character LCD
Hydraulic Press capacity600psi
Direction valve for head up/down220V  max
Hydraulic Cylinder size40.54 mm (2”)   ± 0.6 mm
Test head100 x 200 mm
Structure4 mm mild steel
Length x Width x Height533mm  x 482mm x 762mm
Weight76kg apx
Sample size requirementMinimum                175 x 50 mm
Recommended    200 x 100 mm
Maximum               306 x 306 mm


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