3 phase power analyzer is used for transformer loss measurement and motor testing. Model TFT780 is having 0.05% basic accuracy.


Three Phase Power Analyzer PA700TFT is multi-range power Analyzer with basic 0.05% R+R accuracy8 range of voltage, 8 range of current and total 64 range of power and power factor gives more accurate result at low power factor. It has waveform mode to check the waveform of voltage and current. As well it has B/H curve mode where user can check live b/h curve of the transformer under test. The gap less four-quadrant power measurement technique gives better accuracy at distorted waveforms or AC drive (VFD) operated power supply.

Three Phase Power Analyzer PA700TFT series Power Analyzer has given revolution in testing of distribution and power transformer with the advanced feature of hysteresis (B/H) analysis. Core loss & winding loss measurement is important in transformer testing. In conventional method,  power Analyzer used with digital oscilloscope and phase converter to calculate knee value and saturation point of core. PA700TFT eliminate the requirement of multiple equipment and made the testing more easy by inbuilt hysteresis measurement mode. Which plot live hysteresis curve, so derivation of knee and saturation value is easy.

Any distortion in line power directly reflect on the measurement, Three Phase Power Analyzer PA700TFT has waveform display mode which gives d(y) / d(t) of line voltage and current. In addition, there is facility of zoom in and zoom out to get precise analysis.

Three Phase Power Analyzer PA700TFT provides facility to selection speed of measurement by keypad. It play big role during setting test voltage and current in transformer testing. User can set fast speed mode during setting of test voltage and current and then accurate mode during fine measurement. It saves time in make testing easy.


•  Basic Accuracy 0.05% R+R

•  Voltage Measurement 700V Phase to Neutral, 1200V Phase to Phase

• 8 Range of Voltage 700V, 350V, 175V, 88V, 45V, 22V, 11V, 5V

• Direct Current Measurement up to 80A

• 8 Range of Current 80A, 40A, 20A, 10A, 5A, 2.5A, 1.2A, 0.6A

•  7” (diagonal) Color Graphic TFT Display

• All Numeric parameter can be seen on single display in All Text mode

• Simple user interface ensures easy, intuitive operation.

• Harmonics up to the 64th order of Voltage and current

• Waveform display

• User-selectable measurement speed – 250ms Fast 3%, 500ms Fast 2%, 1000 ms Fast 1%, 16S Accurate by single key for dynamic measurements.

• 1MB on-board memory for storage of measured values.

• Computer interface Native USB 2.0 device with free software for data download & analysis

• 2 MHz sample rates for detailed signal analysis, With  SINC + FIR digital filter give noise free measurement.

• Bandwidth from 40 Hz to 200 Hz for reliable measurement precision.

• Four Quadrant Power Measurement ( 64 range)

• Frequency Range 40 to 200 Hz  (1 range)

• UP to 64th Harmonic Measurement 

• Hysteresis Curve for magnetic measurement 

• Graphic View

• 4wire  3 watt meter mode / 3wire 2 watt meter / Phase to Phase measurement mode

• Accurately display dynamic events on all phases at exactly the same point in time with simultaneous parallel acquisition of all phases.

• All inputs are galvanically isolated to avoid short circuits in any type of applications.

• Tamper proof calibration When set default 

• PC interface software 

• Compact, high precision power analyzers – easy to carry and save working space.


• Voltage True RMS AC

• Current RMS AC

• Power (Watt) AC

• Power Factor

• Frequency


• Mean Voltage

• Mean Current

• Peak Voltage

• Peak Current

• DC Voltage

• Inside Temperature

• Wave forms of voltage & Current

• Harmonics up to 64th Order

• Live B/H Curve


•Operating Temperature Range  10 °C to 35 °C

•Storage Temperature Range  -20 °C to 50 °C

•Weight PA700TFT  Base unit approx. 6.6 kg 

•Dimensions (H x W x D)  183 mm x 518 mm x 330 mm

•Panel Cut out size (H x W )  172 mm x 470 mm


Warm up time30 minutes (For specified accuracy)
Number of channels3 Voltage , 3 Current
Maximum Direct Voltage Input700V rms / 1000V peak
Voltage multiplier / PT scaling0.01 to 500.00
Voltage Input Impedance2.82 MΩ Phase to Neutral
Maximum Direct Current Input80A rms / 113V peak
Current multiplier / CT scaling0.01 to 500.00
Recommended CT20VA to 100VA class 0.1
Power multiplier / Watt scaling0.001 to 2.000
Operating Temperature10 °C to 45 °C
Operating Humidity20% to 75% RH (non condensation)
Storage temperature-20 °C to 48 °C
Length x Width x HeightL= 330mm, W= 518mm, H= 183mm (± 2mm)
Length x Width x Height with fittingsL= 375mm, W= 567mm, H= 193mm (± 2mm)
Panel cut out sizeL= 332mm, W= 520mm, H= 185mm (± 2mm)
Net Weight6.6Kg without accessories (± 0.2Kg)
Weight with packing9.5 Kg  (± 0.2Kg)
Display typeTFT Colour Display
Measuring TerminalsMeasuring Terminals 1/4” BSW for current, 4mm banana plug for voltage
HousingEquipped with MS case to meet stringent EMC requirements.
Fitting hardware nut bolt screwAll screw nut bolt used stainless steel (silver finish)
Environmental98% of total weight material recyclable

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  1. Poonam singh

    quite impressive. Received product in good packing & quickly. Prompt & easy installation.

  2. Deeptesh

    We are using the meter since long time. Good support & service

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Gopal Electronics make Power analyzer Model TFT780 is best suitable for transformer no load full load loss testing

There is no limit of kva or mva rating. You can use for 80Amp direct reading of current and after that you can use CT to measure higher current and can test any small to  big transformer

Yes Gopal make power analyzer Model TFT780 comes with USB port and software. You can generate report by using our software