Transformer Turns Ratio Meter is used for transformer winding turns ratio measurement. Model TRM200 is having 0.1% basic accuracy.


Turns Ratio Meter Model  TRM200 is widely used in transformer industry in manufacturing and repairing service. It directly display the ratio of LT turns & HT turns. It is capable to measure turns ratio till 1:1200. Turns ratio meter is designed to be a rugged and reliable. It is equipped with stable 250mA source.  The design is based upon  in-house invented & patented technology. TRM200 has also option for 1amp current source on demand.

Turns Ratio Meter TRM200 is completely new approach in technology. It detect HT / LT connection and hense prevent the equipment in case of wrong connection. It applies 36 volt on HT winding side of transformer and measure back through the LT side of the transformer. And directly gives result of Turns Ratio, Polarity, Voltage & current on display. 3Nos of key provided Fast key for fast measurement. Accurate key for accurate and precise measurement and LYCT key for LV testing which is very much use full for primary inspection of the transformer.

Turns Ratio Meter gives quick results within 2-3 seconds in fast mode. In Accurate mode it applies mathematical filters and gives accurate results. Low Voltage measurement helps when you want to check short-winding or test the CT.

There is No need of calibration due to the utilization of high precision components in the design. Turns Ratio Meter TRM200 is provided with 5meter standard connection leads for easy and quick connection. Basic accuracy of internal measurement is 0.1%


•Fully Automatic measurement of Transformer Turns Ratio and polarity.

•Measuring Range Up to 1200

•Faster & Accurate mode for testing

•16 x 2 Jumbo LCD to see Measured Parameter with details

•3 Switch for auto testing

•Inbuilt Over Current  Protection for short Winding

•Portable in size

•Wrong Lt / Ht detection

•Facility to test at low voltage


Turns Ratio Meter is used to measure ratio of winding turns between primary & secondary winding of transformer. Set of leads provided along with meter to connect HT & LT winding of transformer. By pressing single key it gives direct ready of Ratio & polarity on display


•Size of Instrument : 280 x 90 x 280  mm

•Weight of Instrument : 3.5 Kg


•Parameters : Turns Ratio and Polarity, LT Voltage, Current

•Ratio Range & Resolution : 1200:1 , Resolution -5 Digits Excitation Current Capability : 250 mA

•Power Supply : AC 230V ±10%

•Accuracy : [0.1% Up to 200:1] [0.5% 201 to 500] [ 1% 501 to 1200]

2 reviews for Single Phase Turns Ratio Meter

  1. dilip patel

    Most accurate reading. satisfactory result

  2. Rajiv Mehta

    fast testing. directly gives ratio & polarity . good to use.

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