Single pump vfd panel EcoDrive is complete plug & play control panel for pressure booster system. It maintain constant pressure in pipeline and manage equal load on all pumps


   Use of single pump vfd panel

Single pump vfd panel EcoDrive is complete solution for the everyday need of controlling pressure booster pumps for the industrial or        domestic water needs. EcoDrive has been designed to give accuracy & high performance for the superior control to the system. EcoDrive is comes with the most feature in its segment. EcoDrive is truly comes with optimum control of the system.

  Benefits of single pump vfd panel

• Each pump controlled through Variable frequency drive (VFD) to ensure power saving.

• Energy efficient operation and constant pressure ensured by speed control.

• Power saving from 20-35% by using single pump vfd panel

 Functions of single pump vfd panel

•Adjustable pressure to meet high performance of the system. Pressure bandwidth can be user programable as per demand.

•On-time and off-time can be set for prevention of malfunctioning of the system.

 compact design single pump vfd panel

•Easy user interface for better operation of the system.

•Fast commissioning of ready-to-connect, pre-assembled & tested system.




Reliable & Safe

Integrated voltage and current protections . Three modes of control to the system.

Auto: Control through VFDs & Pressure Transducer

Manual: Control through Switchgear & Pressure Switch Bypass: Direct supply for emergency use.


•7 inch capacitive HMI display.

•Easy and convenient graphical user interface.

Real-time Operation

•System can be operated in real-time for energy saving. Real-time fault data logging.

Real Cascading

•In multi pump system, pumps will be controlled to ensure equal wear and tear for each pump.

•Cascading will not be according to time but as per requirement of pressure.

Service and Stability

•Entire system is made in India and fully repairable. Repairing of the system doesn’t require any pre-requistic knowledge of the system.

Safety & Privacy

•For repairing of pumps, pump selection can be done. Each parameter is password protected.

Pump Protection

•Over Voltage Protection

•Under Voltage Protection

•Over Current Protection

•Under Current Protection

•Reverse Phase Protection

•Short Circuit Protection

•Single Phasing Prevention

3 reviews for single pump vfd panel

  1. Devang

    Good 1

  2. Imtiyaz Pathan

    100% satisfied with product.

  3. Nisarg Trivedi

    installed ecodrive 1pump controller in our bunglow with grundfos pump and it is working ok.

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Yes our all vfd panel can maintain constant pressure in pipeline

All supply side protection like high voltage, low voltage, phase failure, phase reversal provided

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