VFD Hypn system is used for hydro booster application for domestic water. It maintain constant pressure in water pipeline and manage equal load on all pumps.


We are vfd hypn system manufacturer in india

This is HYDRO PNEUMATIC PUMPING system. In this system there are two working pumps and one standby pump. 1 pump will work on VFD and 2nd pump will work on DOL (Direct ON Line).Standby pump also work on DOL. This system works on two pumps only, Incase of healthiness in the system like pressure increasing or decreasing or speed of the pump increasing or decreasing then pump will changeover to 3rd pump which is an standby pump.

Function of vfd hypn system panel

We have assigned priorities to the pumps as per conditions, if any one of the pumps priority is 1 then it will work on VFD and if priority is 2 or 3 for next 2 pumps it will work on DOL. Pumps priority will change as per the condition like VFD Trip, Pressure increases & decreases. Because of the use of variable frequency drive (VFD) the pump motors does not operates on the constant speed, the pump operates by varying its speed depending on the pressure requirements.

How vfd hypn system panel works?

The panel operates according to hydro pneumatic principle but as per water demand pump changes its speed via variable frequency drive (VFD). Pumps speed changes by changing the frequency (Hz) to pump. Pump voltage remains the same. If pump speed reduces 20% power saving up to 50%. Every start and stop of pump also saves pick power.


  • Inbuilt soft start/soft stop with vary in VFD speed.
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Keypad HMI for user interface.
  • Easier from operation point of view.
  • Various settable menu settings for parameter operation depending on the application.
  • Online monitoring of various parameters through BMS using MODBUS or TCP Ethernet.
  • The panel can be operated through BMS.
  • Panel is provided with Auto and semi-auto mode.
  • accurate reliable & user friendly panel operation.
  • Setting parameter will retain incase of power failure and if main power switch off.
  • Safe operation.


The panel is best suited & comprises of fully automated controlling logic for transferring of water to tank at higher altitudes in high residential societies, hospitals, restaurants, industries like pharma, chemical to maintain constant pressure. If there is any demand everyone gets the same pressure.

3 reviews for vfd hypn system

  1. Chairman, West end park

    Thanks to logic tracks and team. they supplied vfd panel to us and it is working trouble free since 8-9 months. our old system replaced.

  2. Milindbhai Patel

    It is most premium with all features & function vfd booster system panel. Maintain constant pressure in pipeline. Proven and long life product having all raw material schneider reputed make.

  3. Roy

    We are using logic tracks vfd panel and it is working fine

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We can interface n number of pumps in vfd panel

All supply side protection like high voltage, low voltage, phase failure, phase reversal provided

Yes our all vfd panel can maintain constant pressure in pipeline