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VFD panel is suitable for HYPN pressure booster application. Panel comes with 7inch touch screen and individual VFD for each pump.


Introducing the VFD Panel

Are you seeking a comprehensive solution for controlling pressure booster pumps, whether for industrial or domestic water needs? Look no further – the VFD Panel is here to revolutionize your operations. Engineered to deliver superior performance and ensure the utmost protection for your valuable pumps, VfdDrive offers a wide array of cutting-edge features within its segment, guaranteeing optimum control of your booster system.

Benefits of the VFD Panel:

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Precision: Each pump is meticulously controlled through a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to not only ensure optimal performance but also to maximize power savings, making your operation more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

Energy Efficiency at its Finest: Thanks to the innovative speed control, the VfdDrive guarantees energy-efficient operations while maintaining a constant pressure within your system. Experience energy savings ranging from 20% to an impressive 35%, depending on the specific demands of your setup. Say goodbye to excessive energy bills.

Compact and Space-Saving: The VfdDrive eliminates the need for bulky pressure tanks, as its efficient design allows for a smaller footprint in your setup. This clever space-saving feature can be a game-changer in installations where every inch matters.

Fail-Safe Operation: In the event of any electronic component failure, the VfdDrive is equipped with a bypass system that steps in seamlessly. Furthermore, you can start and stop the pump directly using the pressure switch, ensuring that your water supply remains uninterrupted.

Functionality of the VFD Panel:

Customizable Pressure Settings: Tailor the pressure levels to meet the specific performance requirements of your system. With user-programmable pressure bandwidth, you have full control over the precision of your setup.

Time-Based Control: Enjoy the flexibility of setting up to 5 on-time and off-time cycles for operation, thanks to the built-in real-time timer. This level of control allows you to fine-tune the panel to match your schedule and water usage needs.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigate the VfdDrive effortlessly with its user-friendly 7-inch touchscreen display. This intuitive interface streamlines your operation and makes system adjustments a breeze.

Compact Design for Seamless Integration:

Effortless Operation: The VFD Panel comes equipped with an easy-to-use interface, ensuring that you can operate your system with precision and ease. Say goodbye to the frustration of complicated control panels.

Fast and Hassle-Free Installation: With its ready-to-connect, pre-assembled, and thoroughly tested design, the VfdDrive minimizes the time and effort required for commissioning. Your system will be up and running efficiently in no time.

In summary, the VFD Panel is a technological marvel, designed to meet the pressing demands of both industrial and domestic water pressure systems. Its eco-friendly operation, customizable features, and fail-safe mechanisms make it a standout choice for those seeking optimal control and energy efficiency. Experience the power of precision and efficiency with VfdDrive today and elevate your water management systems to a new level. Choose VfdDrive for your VFD pump control panel needs, and unlock a world of possibilities for your pressure booster system.

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  • 7" Touch Screen

    7" touch screen HMI is provided to visualize system parameter easily. you can check live pressure, voltage, current of system

  • Emergency Bypass

    Pump can be on/off in bypass mode even after failure of entire electronics circuit. To never face water shortage

  • Real Time Clock

    Panel comes with inbuilt real time clock so user can on/off pump on perticular society timing

Function & feature of vfd panel

Pump Protection

Pump on/off control

Display Screenshot of vfd panel

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    All supply side protection like high voltage, low voltage, phase failure, phase reversal provided

    Yes our all vfd panel can maintain constant pressure in pipeline

    We can interface n number of pumps in vfd panel