PLC Pressure pump panel comes with 4 inch touch screen HMI. It can be used for pressure booster system with pressure switch or pressure transmitter.


PLC Pressure pump panel comes with 4inch Touch screen HMI & PLC mother board. This panel operates the pump on fix speed. It is available for 3phase 415v and single phase 230v for two pump cascading operation.

Pump can be automatically on/ff by pressure switch / float switch or by pressure transmitter. you can connect 4-20mA pressure transmitter for automatic on/off the pump on water demand. It has inbuilt real time clock so you can set particular date/day & time to on/off the pump.

Pressure transmitter can sense very small pressure drop hence you can use it for multi tower application. A common system can fulfil over head tanks of multiple tower.



  • 4inch Toch screen HMI
  • Bypass selector switch
  • Real time clock inbuilt
  • Mains input MCB
  • Powder coated MS enclosure
  • 18Amp Contactor of reputed make
  • Easily detachable HMI & PLC


1. Auto / Manual
2. Time Based ON/OFF
3. Real Time ON/OFF 
4. Multi Tank Level Operation by using ball valve & pressure switch
5. Pump on/off controlled by Pressure Switch
6. Pump on/off controlled by Float Switch or Pressure transmitter

Display Function

1. 4inch Touch Screen display shows Pump running status & water level indication of sump tank
2. Display Three phase voltage & current continuously
3. Pump on/off by touch
4. Real time pipeline pressure
5. Real time clock


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