3 phase precision power analyzer is used for transformer loss measurement and motor testing. Model DXL780 is having 0.1% basic accuracy.


Introduction of 3 phase precision power analyzer

3 phase precision power analyzer DXL780 is suitable for transformer & motor testing. It has 8 range of voltage & 8 range of current which is Auto or manually selectable. User interface by 22key become more easy and understandable. And the most efficient programming technique used to implement  FIR & IIR filter that gives steady result and option of selectable display update rate.

Harmonics measurement in 3 phase precision power analyzer

3 phase precision power analyzerDXL780 has harmonics measurement inbuilt. So user can check the harmonics of voltage or current upto 31th element. And also displays Total harmonics distortion THD value on the screen.

3 phase precision power analyzer DXL 780 is inbuilt memory to save the test results and later user can transfer it to excel by using software

3 phase precision power analyzer DXL780 is used for transformer testing, motor testing or any other electrical appliance testing. It is trusted by more than 3000+ customers all over the world. And we have state of the art manufacturing facility including inhouse fabrication and calibration lab.


• 0.1% R+R Basic Accuracy

Voltage Measurement 700V Phase to Neutral, 1200V Phase to Phase

• 8 Range of Voltage 700V, 350V, 175V, 88V, 45V, 22V, 11V, 5V

Direct Current Measurement up to 80A

• 8 Range of Current 80A, 40A, 20A, 10A, 5A, 2.5A, 1.2A, 0.6A

Most Accurate at low pf

22 key for user friendly operation

Phase to phase, Phase to neutral, two watt meter method

User-selectable measurement speed – 250ms Fast 3%, 500ms Fast 2%, 1000 ms Fast 1%, 16S Accurate by single key for dynamic measurements.

• Harmonics up to the 31th order of Voltage and current

Four quadrant power measurement

Tamper proof calibration when set default

Auto / Manual range selection

Panel mountable enclosure

Selectable Measurement speed 


Scope of Measurement

  1. True RMS V, Mean V, Peak V (3 phase) 
  2.  True RMS A, Mean A, Peak V (3 Phase)
  3.  Power P & Power Factor PF (3 Phase)
  4.  Frequency 
  5. Harmonics up to 31 order
  6. Vdc DC Voltage 
  7.  Equipment inside temperature
  8.  Equipment On time


Length x Width x HeightL= 330mm, W= 518mm, H= 183mm (± 2mm)
Length x Width x Height with fittingsL= 375mm, W= 567mm, H= 193mm (± 2mm)
Panel cut out sizeL= 332mm, W= 520mm, H= 185mm (± 2mm)
Net Weight6.6Kg without accessories (± 0.2Kg)
Weight with packing9.5 Kg  (± 0.2Kg)


Warm up time30 minutes (For specified accuracy)
Number  of channels3 Voltage , 3 Current
Maximum Direct Voltage Input700V rms / 1000V peak
Voltage multiplier / PT scaling0.01 to 500.00
Voltage Input Impedance2.82 MΩ Phase to Neutral
Maximum Direct Current Input80A rms / 113A peak
Current multiplier / CT scaling0.01 to 500.00
Recommended CT20VA to 100VA class 0.1
Power multiplier / Watt scaling0.001 to 2.000
Operating Temperature10 °C to 45 °C
Operating Humidity20% to 75% RH (non condensation)
Storage temperature-20 °C to 48 °C
Net Weight4.7Kg without accessories  (± 0.2Kg)
Weight with packing7.3 Kg   (± 0.2Kg)
Display typeLCD 4 x 20 line, jumbo Character, Yellow Black
Measuring TerminalsMeasuring Terminals 1/4” BSW for current, 4mm banana plug for voltage
HousingEquipped with MS case to meet stringent EMC requirements.
Fitting hardware nut bolt screwAll screw nut bolt used stainless steel (silver finish)
Environmental98% of total weight material recyclable


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  1. Manohar prasad

    Best & most economic product for transformer repairing units
    thanks sir

  2. Purshottam Dangi

    Easy to use

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